40 Years of Experience in Precious Stone Processing

With forty years of experience, Coral Woman excels in the ancient art of processing red and gold precious stones. Located in Torre Del Greek, it has mastered the fine craftsmanship of making jewelry and statues. Thanks to its vast collection, a well-equipped laboratory and a passion for creativity, Coral Woman offers its clients, quality customized jewelry on request. 


A stone's throw from Naples, Torre Del Greek is the undisputed capital of coral making. Craftsmen here have been practicing the centuries-old tradition of coral crafting, enhancing the corals with precious red gold through the use of the latest machinery. The coral is used in statues, jewelry and artifacts. Apart from this, the seaside town also continues the art of engraving shells, the working of ivory and precious stones.


For forty years, Coral Woman has been devoted to the transformation of coral, keeping the Torre Del Greek tradition alive. As a family business, the secrets of coral making have been handed down from father to son, which have been further enriched with modern innovation. Coral Woman crafts unique, and exclusive creations every single day, continuing a long history of art and beauty.

For information or to order custom creations write to didonnacoralli@gmail.com

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